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"I am a Special Education teacher, so I have students using them that have attention issues or need to move frequently. I have had great feedback so far for the students that are using the bands. I previously taught second grade and purchased a different brand of the chair bands for my students. I was not very happy with those bands, because the seams on the bands kept coming apart on several of them. I picked your brand because there is not a seam and I thought that may help with that issue. Overall, the bands are great, and the fact that you are so quick to respond and replace the bands is even better. Thanks for your help and quick response."

- Jen Azure

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Set of 12

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EFFECTIVE - Fidgeteez chair bands are simple but extremely effective. By allowing a child to constantly move their legs while sitting they have an outlet for their energy and are able to increase their focus.

TEACHERS LOVE THEM - Teachers notice an instant change in their classrooms once they start using the Fidgeteez chair bands. The class becomes a happier more focused environment.

SIMPLE - The chair bands are a continuous loop that easily stretches around the two front legs of a school chair. They can be moved to another chair quickly and can be used over and over again.

Fidgeteez chair bands are essential for every classroom. They are a 2 inch wide continuous loop that stretches around the two front legs of the chair. This allows a child to push, pull, kick, stretch, or bounce on the band with their feet. The ability to move their legs gives the child an outlet for their energy and allows them to focus on the teacher or their task.

Fidgeteez Fidget Spinner more_vert

Super fast spin rate.

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LONG LASTING SPIN - Super fast spin rate. One spin can last up to 3 minutes.

GREAT FOR FOCUS AND FIDGETING - Feel the calm of the spin! Great tool to aid concentration and calm the body. Excellent for ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, Stress, and more.

FUN! - The spinner is highly entertaining and fun to play with.

Fidgeteez Marble Fidget Toy more_vert

Set of 10

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TEACHERS LOVE THEM - Valuable tool that allows children to "self-regulate"

HELPS RELIEVE Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and is calming for Autistic students.

HELPS STUDENTS FOCUS AND CONCENTRATE - Keeps fidgety hands occupied and fills a sensory need.


Each package contains 10 Marble Fidget Toys. 2 of each of the following colors: yellow, green, blue, pink, purple. Used by teachers, therapists, and parents across the country. The Fidgeteez Marble Fidget Toy is a simple yet highly effective device that helps calm and allow students to focus. Ideal for those with high stress, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and autism. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Five Star Reviews

When I came across the Fidgeteez bands I was so excited

As an inner city school teacher, I am always looking for ways to help my students who have trouble focusing, staying in their seat, or becoming distracted quickly. Through the years I have tried several strategies. Nothing seemed to be a very long term fix. Many homemade fixes broke from over use or misuse.

Having ADHD, ADD, Sensory Processing Disorder, behavioral disorder, learning disorder, and gifted students all in one classroom…I am sure you can imagine my desire to contain the chaos. My first goal was to get students to stay engaged in their learning. I read an article about boys in particular. The article said that in order for boys to stay engaged they need to be moving. If they are not moving their brains slow down and they become distracted instead of engaged. So with 16 out of 22 of my students being boys…I knew I needed to find something to keep them moving to help them stay focused.

When I came across the Fidgeteez bands I was so excited. They are quiet, they are durable, they are inconspicuous, and they can be easily moved. Since I didn’t have a class set yet, I chose my most needy students for a test run with the bands. The first day I really pumped them up. I told them they were part of a special challenge to see how these bands worked and they were going to help me by using them correctly. I put them on the front of their chair legs and I modeled how to quietly bounce my feet on them. They were so excited. I was so excited.

The rules were adjusted a bit and the newness wore off. I noticed the students using the bands correctly. They stayed in their seat instead of impulsively jumping up every 5 seconds. They quietly bounced their feet while listening to the lesson and worked with more focus. There was less frustration and more engagement from these students once they started using Fidgeteez bands.

As you know, in many cases intense therapy or medication is needed to help extreme behaviors. As a classroom teacher, I am limited with my resources and funding. With so many students on the spectrum and integrated into the classroom, I was willing to give these bands a try in order to help my students succeed. These bands have been a great addition to my classroom.

If you are looking for an affordable, durable, quiet, and effective way for your students to get their wiggles out…you need Fidgeteez bands!

- Jessica Dean, 3rd grade

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